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America's First Commercial Insect Repellent -
Established 1882

Ole Time Woodsman's Liquid Fly Dope
was created and first sold in1882. The name "Ole Time Woodsman's" was trademarked in 1964 by Osborn Sherer of Holden, Massachusetts. Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope is also known as Old Woodsman or Old Woodsman's and it has long been the insect repellent of choice for those who venture into the backwoods of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. It was known for its distinctive aroma and its effectiveness against the fierce mosquitos and blackflies in this part of the world.
In case you haven't had the pleasure of spending time with these critters, let's spend a little time with them:
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Mosquito repellent Mosquito repellant insect repellant


New England Blackflies:
If you are not from around here, this bugs can be a real surprise. At certain time they can be sothick they'll blacken the sun and crawl into your eyes, ears, nose and mouth...not to mention any other area of exposed skin. They are pretty small, but when they bite, they take a chunk of you with them. These are bad news, but the good news is that Ole Time Woodsman Insect repellent has been keeping them at bay for over 120 years. Order Ole Time Woodsman Now

Blackfly repellent blackfly repellant

NewEngland Mosquitos:
These are not your normal backyard pests, these are bloodsucking machines that can home in on you in swarms hundreds at a time. Before Ole Time Woodsman was available, a spring fishing trip to the mountains could literally be a life-threatening adventure.
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Ole Woodsman

Felt Wool
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